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David's Everest Base Camp Trek for Cancer Research UK

Apr 12, 2016 1:24:00 PM / by DBS Internet Marketing

On 22nd April I will be flying to Kathmandu and then on to Lukla on a light aircraft where I will begin the ascent to Everest Base Camp for Cancer Research UK.

Lukla sits at 2,840m/9,317ft.

My trek finishes at 5,545m/18,188ft.

I've really had to be disciplined and dedicated to prepare for this trip.

In terms of training I started cycling daily in September to lose some flab and then every other day since November I have been on a treadmill at a 12 degree incline wearing my boots and a pack weighing 25lb/11.5 kilo for 60 minutes.

Every weekend I have taken to the hills for long hikes of up to 15 miles with a 25lb pack.

For the last 30 days before my journey I am using a hypoxic training machine. Every day for one hour I breathe through a mask and dial down the amount of oxygen available to me to recreate high altitude.

This is giving my body the chance to create more red blood cells to help me cope with high altitude and give me a fighting chance of avoiding altitude sickness.

When I'm asked to donate to a Just Giving page I look at the amount of effort and dedication that person has had to make.

I hope you will reflect the amount of effort and dedication I have given should you choose to donate to my cause.

Cancer touches most people's lives.

With your help we will beat it sooner.

Please donate via my Just Giving page.

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