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Google bounces back stronger than before

Feb 1, 2013 4:49:00 PM / by James Hopkins

GoogleThe last time we posted about Google’s financial status, it was not good news for the leading search engine company. Their quarterly figures for the third quarter of 2012, between July and September, were disappointing, down 20% on the same period the year before, and the figures were accidently published early, taking everyone by surprise and causing their shares to plunge. However, the report for the fourth quarter was a very different story. Revenues in the 4th quarter were 36% up on the same time last year, at $14.4billion - £9 billion, giving it it’s first ever record breaking $50 billion (£31billion) revenue year. Google’s co-founder and CEO, Larry Page, described it as “not a bad achievement in just a decade and a half”. Unlike the previous quarter, the figures were much higher than analysts were expecting. This quarter was 8% up on the previous quarter. Paid clicks increased by 24% from last year, and 9% from the previous quarter. Unlike the last quarter, Google’s shares rose by 5% following the news. Although December saw Google record it’s lowest share in UK internet searches, it was still at 88.35%, huge market domination. As more and more people are accessing the web from a mobile device, Google are moving fast to make sure they adapt to this.

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James Hopkins

Written by James Hopkins

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