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Idea Volcano

Jul 4, 2007 4:53:00 PM / by DBS Internet Marketing

Two young British entrepreneurs have recently launched a website for business ideas.

The object of the site is to match together people with innovative business ideas and those that are looking for ideas.

The non-profit making site is an internet blog. A blog is short for “web log” and is a website that is very easy to add articles and post comments to without having any web development skills. Any entrepreneur can post a blog and anyone can contribute to the blog.

More than 100 entrepreneurs signed up to the website in its testing phase.

In a way this is quite an interesting social experiment as the ownership of the idea is down to the people taking part in its development.

As Murray Wells, one of the co-founders, explains “In our experience no one has ever got an idea off the ground without telling people about it.”

One school of thought could be that if you had an absolute corker of a business idea the last thing to do would be to share it with complete strangers. Busy business people who have absolutely no time to develop their “killer” ideas should visit the site at:

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