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Internet Marketing Consultant Shares Findings about’s new Netreach Opportunity!

Jul 8, 2008 8:34:00 AM / by DBS Internet Marketing

Netreach is an opportunity to export your business information across the network as well as a wide range of its partner sites and companies. The increased exposure can be of real benefit to your business, rapidly increasing your target market and giving you more specific and up to date client leads.

What are the benefits of advertising with Netreach by

Netreach adverts are posted across national, regional and local websites, increasing your businesses exposure to a wider target market. With Netreach your company will enjoy millions of impressions across a variety of networks every month.

Netreach ensures your adverts are served in a relevant context, increasing your number of targeted leads and ensuring each new contact is fully relevant to you.

Netreach is simple to set up and easy to maintain. After a no obligation annual fee will ensure you have an up to date, inclusive and exceptional service.

Netreach routinely optimises your site so you don't have to. This will save you time and money, ensuring your company is more competent than your competitors.

Netreach gives you monthly reports on how many times your advert has been displayed and clicked. Consequently, you will know who's interested in your products and when. is a well established and trusted brand, meaning Netreach is a product you can rely on. Trusting your provider is essential in any business situation, and the prerequisite for success.

Who is Netreach available to?

For £150 per year the Netreach feature can be applied to the following products.

* Priority Adverts with a web link feature

* Priority Adverts (with no web link)

* Priority Advert information pages

* site builders program

* Local sponsored listings

How will Netreach by work?

By simply using your business already benefits from 32 million searches each month. Converting to Netreach will give your information an even greater level of exposure within other networks. Moreover, by staying relevant to your location and context, your message is honed to the right clients and is available at the right time.

Nationwide coverage – Your advert will appear on a variety of local and national websites. However to ensure the best quality of leads for you, your advert will be shown in the same coverage area as your advert or when user searches match your business.

Fantastic exposure – are continually expanding their range of sites, aiming to give their Netreach clients carefully targeted and selected sites to give maximum benefits for advertising exposure with their online bubble capsule adverts.

Customer feedback – You receive a full account of how many times your advert has been viewed and clicked on a monthly basis throughout the year. For more frequent information you can also access a full account management page on

Netreach provides a comprehensive method of increasing the exposure of your business.

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