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Internet Marketing Expert Supports Google Mobile Advertising as a Valid Online Strategy!

Jul 30, 2008 11:47:00 AM / by DBS Internet Marketing

A large and potentially untapped source of Google popularity is available through mobile advertising. Internet users are increasingly choosing to access Google on the move, either via their mobile phones, palm top devices or with the hugely popular Blackberry mobile devices.

There are currently 2.5 billion mobile phone users worldwide, in comparison to just 820 million PC users. This implies mobile phones are by far the best way to impress possible clients.

Furthermore, the number of people using mobile internet is estimated to rise from the current yearly figure of 475 million to 1000 million by 2011. 17 million people accessed the internet via their mobile phone in last December alone, that's equivalent to 23 percent of all mobile users. This illustrates a large target market which is virtually untapped at present.

Reputable directory companies can build a mobile advertising campaign for your company in much the same way as they create a computer based advertising campaign, using the highly successful Google Adwords application.

Mobile searchers use on their Blackberries and PDA's in much the same way as they do online, with the mobile adverts being displayed in exactly the same bidding and format as computer based adverts.

The only differences in Google mobile facilities are the 'Click to Call' function, where the searcher can click on a link to telephone a certain business. This is particularly advantageous if you use a dedicated 0800 number to track how much business is being orchestrated through the click to call function.

Mobile results can include a link to your regular internet website; however it is advantageous to include a specialized "Mobile Web Page" which is mobile viewing friendly. This is easily made and doesn't require any huge alterations to your existing website.
Mobile listings are displayed in two line text advertisements of eighteen characters each. Each advert occupies 25% of the mobile screen. This reduced space means your listing will have less competition surrounding it on the page, increasing the likelihood of a searcher using your business.

Conversion tracking and reporting is available for mobile advertising in much the same way as it is on the regular Google page. This will allow your company to ascertain exactly how much business you are receiving through mobile advertising and structure around it.
Local businesses and product information are currently the fifth and seventh most likely things to be searched for from a mobile device, illustrating a huge market for intelligent mobile advertising.

Another advantage to advertising for mobiles is the manner in which people search through the listings. Those using the internet on their mobile tend to search for specific details rather than browse through the entire Google facility. This means those companies at the top of mobile listings are more likely to receive genuine business interest each time their name appears.

One final aspect to consider is that mobile internet is currently used overwhelmingly by young men rather than women or older people. However this dynamic is expected to be erased as more people embrace mobile internet possibilities.

Make sure your company stays abreast of the competition and invest in mobile advertising today.

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