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Myvu Personal Media Viewer

Jul 31, 2007 9:06:00 AM / by DBS Internet Marketing

The iPod’s 2.5” display makes for pretty uncomfortable viewing. Great quality, but the screen is just too small to get into anything longer than a few minutes.

The Myvu changes this. An accessory of an accessory, it acts like a pair of futuristic glasses, projecting the images fed from the iPod onto the inside of the lenses.

This coupled with noise reducing in-ear sound stemming from the glasses’ arms, creates a great surround sound movie experience that is truly personal. To stop the viewer from alienating their safety, the Myvu also gives room to view above and below the frames.

The Myvu is powered by a battery that subtly attaches to your iPod and has around 8 hours of operation. It is compact, well designed and is the best media player of its kind on the shelf.

PRICE: £229.95

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