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What is a CMS? - Control Your Own Website With a Content Management System

Feb 17, 2014 5:24:00 PM / by DBS Internet Marketing

shipmastWhat is a CMS?

Dead websites tell no tales and nothing makes a company look more out of date than a website that’s rarely updated.
With so much competition out there, it’s vital that companies are given the correct tools, access and training to update their websites themselves.

Captain your own ship

Content management systems (CMS) manage the content of a website in a user friendly way and without the need for knowledge of HTML code.
A good web developer should be able to show you all the basics, meaning you can easily post news, blogs, stories and photos – without messing up the design of your site.

Share the bounty

The most creative businesses realise that to be leaders in their fields, they need to share their knowledge and expertise through blogging. A website adorned with logos and company colours can be the perfect outlet and CMS will help keep you on brand whether it’s an experienced copywriter or an office junior doing the writing.

X marks the spot

FAQ’s and help sections are essential to keeping your customers happy. As your business changes and technology develops so do your customer’s enquiries. A regularly updated FAQ section will answer queries and improve customer service.


Content management systems help you make changes to your website in real time with little or no web development skills. Best of all, you won’t need to pay a web design company to make content changes and updates, saving money in the long-term.
Not every website needs CMS but if you want to make regular updates then ask your web developer to integrate CMS into your website.

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