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How to get your picture in Google’s Search Results

Sep 20, 2013 2:10:00 PM / by DBS Internet Marketing posted in authorship, google


You might have noticed recently that when you make a search on Google you see someone’s picture in the results that looks like this: image This feature is called “Google Authorship Markup” and is quite nifty for a couple of reasons. Firstly, on a page of bland, boring search results a picture can really stand out and draw people’s attention to your listing as you will see in the screenshot below: clip_image003 Secondly, by the picture there is a link to the writers Google+ profile page – the arrow below is pointing to the link. clip_image005 So, how do you make this happen? It’s all through the wonder of the Google Authorship Markup and something called the rel="author" tag. If that sounds like double dutch to you then let me try to explain. Firstly you need a Google+ account. Google+ is just another social media account like Facebook and Twitter. You can read more about it here: The clever types at DBS can create a Google+ account for you and link to the news you post on your website (you’ll need a blog to be set up to achieve this) with some special behind the scenes coding. Google then makes the connection between your Google+ account and the news on your website which then pulls through your picture into search engine results along with a link to your Google+ profile page (and America is saved). Another good reason for having Google Authorship Markup is that Google will view your site as very much trusted and legit. The final and perhaps most important reason is that when you are at a dinner party and someone is boring you can mention that you have just added Google Authorship Markup. This will most probably silence them and amaze other diners. If you are interested in getting your picture in Google’s Search results please contact me, David Clarke at DBS Internet Marketing on 0800 988 8366 or 01522 811688.

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