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DBS helps Bank of England “take the pulse” of East Midlands businesses

Nov 10, 2017 9:12:00 AM / by Julie Priestley posted in Bank of England, business, East Midlands, dbs, dbs internet marketing, lincolnshire chamber of commerce, lincolnshire


IMG_2468DBS has been playing a role in influencing Bank of England policy concerning UK businesses.Our director, David Clarke, attended a Bank of England / Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce business panel meeting in Gainsborough this week.The meeting was chaired by Alastair Cunningham - a regional representative of the Bank of England (pictured with David). Similar business panels have previously been run by the Bank, who find them “a valuable way of taking the pulses of the businesses that are represented on them.”Only around 10-12 local businesses are invited to sit on the panels, which meet twice yearly to discuss the state of trade. The meetings are of benefit to both the Bank of England and the businesses attending. The Bank benefits enormously from the opportunity to "road test" themes they've picked up from their bilateral meetings with business contacts before reporting back to the Monetary Policy Committee in London, whereas businesses value the opportunity to put their own experience into perspective by hearing of others' experiences.

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£4 million Grant For Lincolnshire SMEs

Nov 16, 2016 10:00:00 AM / by Julie Priestley posted in Business Lincolnshire, business, grant, lincoln, online marketing, lincolnshire, SMEs


14570355_629240177284562_894069469275717183_nBusiness Lincolnshire has unveiled a new grants programme for SMEs who are looking to grow their business. £4 million of EU funding has been earmarked for Greater Lincolnshire. One of the areas that Business Lincolnshire is keen to pinpoint is how to make Lincolnshire SMEs more digitally capable which could include developing a firm online marketing strategy. "If you can demonstrate that investment in your company will create new jobs or significantly increase your turnover you may be able to access a grant to part fund the activity" said Toni O'Brien, a Business Growth Adviser with Business Lincolnshire. "This is brilliant news for Greater Lincolnshire SMEs" commented DBS director David Clarke, "I would urge all DBS's Lincolnshire clients to have a short chat with me about their growth plans and I can then quickly pass you on to Toni O'Brien to see if your firm can access the £4 million funding". clip_image001[6]

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The benefits of LinkedIn ads for businesses

Aug 21, 2014 9:59:00 AM / by DBS Internet Marketing posted in advertising, business, linkedin, social media


clip_image002LinkedIn has created quite a buzz since its launch in 2003, and with its constant evolution it has become an incredibly useful tool for professionals. But how exactly can it help you? As a business, you may already have a company page on LinkedIn, but is the mere presence of your company page enough? Content marketing is a powerful way of talking about your business and services, it’s no longer just about the hard sell, it’s about demonstrating you know your stuff to impress prospective customers. In 2014, LinkedIn went further and announced that all members can create and publish content to showcase their knowledge and expertise. Think about it – there’s a sitting audience for you to influence beyond your followers: · 300 million+ members on LinkedIn · 1.3 million small business owners · 12 million small business professionals But not everyone wants to know about what you do, right? How do you target people that would benefit from your knowledge? So this is the clever solution, instead of pushing your words out there and hoping that someone bites, you can target a demographic or location that would benefit from your wisdom. LinkedIn can now deliver your piece by narrowing down and identifying a relevant audience. So for example you want to target senior lawyers in Derbyshire, you can push your piece to them by identifying job function, seniority and geography; that way your company is delivering its knowledge to the people that will benefit from it! LinkedIn ads are a form of display advertising, yet highly targeted to an applicable audience, users didn’t search for anything or ask to see your ad, but it is there encouraging them to click through to your website. If you would like to know how LinkedIn can help your business talk to David Clarke, Managing Director at DBS, on 01522 811688, or freephone 0800 988 8366

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What are Google Business Photos, Trusted Photographers & Trusted Agencies?

Apr 5, 2013 10:10:00 AM / by DBS Internet Marketing posted in business, panoramic, google, local, photos


Google Business Photos are a way of showing customers, clients or anyone who takes an interest in your business, around your business. Whether this is externally or internally – Google Business Photos gives you the opportunity to create 360-degree interactive tours of your business as seen below:

Should you create Google Business Photo’s for your business? Definitely – if customers or clients visit your business i.e. a restaurant, this is a great way of giving them an opportunity to look round prior to their visit. Once completed and uploaded these images will appear on Google searches when people look for your business by name and will also be displayed on Google Maps, Google+ Local and other Google properties. You can share this interactive experience on your own website too by embedding these images onto your preferred web page i.e. contact page.

So what’s a trusted photographer and trusted agency? Historically, Google have ‘locked down’ the creation of panoramic images by using their own employees and / or contracting this work to specific external companies. But now, photographers (Trusted Photographers) and photography agencies (Trusted Agencies) can be ‘approved’ by Google making the process entirely self service and open to anyone with a business and have a trusted photographer / agency within their country.

The difference between the two is simply:

•    Trusted Photographer = Individuals
•    Trusted Agency = Photography Businesses (Usually) [employing more than one photographer]

Both have to go “through a Certification Process for quality and professionalism that will provide you the same high standards of results for your business”. So who should you choose; a Trusted Photographer or a Trusted Agency? Honestly, it doesn’t matter; both have been vetted and met the same standards set by Google, so you should receive great quality results using either.

If you would like a free, no obligation chat about arranging a panoramic photo shoot for your business contact DBS who work alongside a Google Trusted Photographer on FREEPHONE 0800 988 8366.

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