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Laughter Yoga at DBS

Apr 25, 2018 8:25:00 AM / by DBS Internet Marketing posted in dbs, dbs internet marketing, team training, yoga


1Two Nottinghamshire women visited DBS recently and aimed to put smiles on our faces in the weirdest possible way.Deborah Hodson and Denise Tooley-Okonkwo of LOL Yoga became fascinated with the health benefits of laughter and now spread their message through ‘LOL Yoga’, an alternative and engaging type of therapy.“It is a great way of accessing those endorphins and feel-good chemicals that are in the body without actually having anything humorous to laugh about.” Denise said.Deborah admits many find it strange to begin with, but says: “The mind doesn’t know you are faking it, we integrate our knowledge into feel-good sessions and by making yourself laugh for no reason, many people find that their natural laughter does come out.”Denise says: “We show managers and employees how to deal with the stress and pressure of work because what often happens is people will go into work and let everything pile up on top of them which makes them stressed.“Instead of dealing with that stress they will focus completely on work which builds up cortisol in the body and shrinks down the part of the brain that is for logic, reasoning and behaviour modification.“We help people access their ‘zone’ through a range of laughter techniques that helps them release the cortisol and get focused again.”You can find out more about LOL Laughter Yoga in this video

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